Result of FY B.A. /F.Y.B.Sc Sem I & II March 2017 is declared.

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    All girl students, of Iqra’s H.J.Thim College of Arts & Science, Jalgaon are informed that if you are facing any problem related to any kind of harassment, may contact on following helpline numbers.

Iqra’s H.J.Thim College of Arts & Science, Mehrun, Jalgaon
Prof. Smt. Deokar R.C.

Welcome to H.J.Thim College

         IQRA means to read, to gain knowledge, with this divine aim,Thim is the first minority college of higher education in Jalgaon district, aimed to impact higher education among the Urdu knowing students. The society aims to uplift the socially backward and economically weaker section especially girl’s education at higher level, and an opportunity to empower themselves.


         Upliftment of minority through higher education, in nation building.

I.C. Principal's Message

         In this age of knowledge, H.J.Thim College is moving ahead to keep pace with the fast changing scenario of the academic culture.
         Knowledge based culture is the need of time. For development of individual, community and nation, enhancement in quality of education at higher level is necessary. As a part of duty towards community and nation, the college is committed to promote and spread higher education among minority especially girl students belonging to the disadvantaged community.

         Making higher education accessible to the students is not the sole aim of the college, but to incorporate social and moral values among them, so these students will serve as responsible citizens of the country.
          I am all grateful to North Maharashtra University for their guidance. I request the support of parents, Alumni, Staff and Students to make our journey feasible on the academic path.

Dr. Syed Shujaut Ali